a strategic business partner of Profiles International

a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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Workforce Solutions


Strategic Business Partner

Jim Robinson

Workforce Solutions, LLC

As owner and President of Workforce Solutions, LLC (since October 2004), Jim’s company has helped organizations build and retain a high performance workforce. With the use of Profiles solutions, we enhance and support virtually any strategic workforce or talent management initiative including; selection (job fit), leadership development, team building, succession planning, sales performance and customer service/loyalty. We offer business owners and executives great information to help them make better people decisions as well as coach, manage and motivate their employees more effectively.

Although our company’s tagline, “The missing piece to a better workforce.” is defined differently by each client, they would all agree that Profile assessments and surveys help support their strategic initiatives and give them a competitive advantage. To succeed in the marketplace you must first succeed in the workplace.

For more than three decades, Jim has achieved success in a variety of corporate sales, marketing and management positions working for several world-class organizations (including Eastman Kodak, LexisNexis and Achieve Global). Jim’s ability to work effectively in any business environment and his commitment to excellence is a result of his broad experience in six different industries throughout his diverse career. Jim received a B.S.B.A. in Business Marketing from the Ohio State University and is active in his community and with several organizations, both local and national.

In addition to offering the full suite of Profiles International solutions, we assist clients in solving business problems beyond our core business (assessments and surveys). Jim has established a strong network of professionals in numerous occupations that are available when the need arises. Most often, collaboration is with HR/business consultants, performance improvement trainers, background check and other information services. Jim is also available for speaking engagements, executive workshops and presentations on a variety of workforce related topics. Please contact Jim directly to discuss your issues or interests to determine if Workforce Solutions may provide the optimal solution.

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Case Study Book

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“We have been using the Profile XT for selection and development for all of our director positions for the past five years. The information from this assessment is invaluable and helps us build and retain a strong management team.”

Phyllis Vetter
HR Manager
E-Quest Management
Friendswood, TX